First Aid doesn't just belong in the workplace - its needed in our Community and so TrainAidInc offers a range of short courses (just 3 hrs long) to support groups such as Mother and Toddlers, Babysitters, Scouts and Guides, Duke of Edinburgh, Community Groups, Street Pastors, Soup Kitchens - the need is there.

If you have a group or a sports team that you feel needs some first aid training - get in touch and we can tailor a course to suit your needs.  

First Aid for Bikers


25 September 2013

TrainAidInc wins Contract to supply NRC First Aid Training


Offered Contract to provide all BBRF members First Aid Courses

First Aid at Work

Our very popular FAB First Aid for Bikers Course was introduced 5 years ago as our principal instructor is a biker and realised the lack of REAL understanding around dealing with a BIKER SPECIFIC accident HAD to be addressed.

A non breathing casualty may only have 5 mins before irreparable brain damage kicks.An ambulance cant always get there that fast-it might be down to you to save your biking buddy's life.   

“Great mornings training. Good hands-on tuition with regular checking of understanding and review. First Aid for Bikers is a very useful course and I would recommend it to all.


Graham Walker,

May 2017

TrainAidInc delivers a whole range of First Aid Courses for the Workplace that all adhere to the syllabus as directed by the HSE and Skills for Health. All of our Instructors and Qualified to Teach and to Assess. Each customer has the opportunity to discuss in full what extra modules they would like to include in their courses in order to make them contextual to your work environment. 

What Clients Say About Us


  Making First Aid - Second Nature

“Thanks so much for the photographs and for delivering the training for us. I really enjoyed the day and felt your training style was relaxed but very knowledgeable, with a great mix of facts and anecdotes to reinforce learning. I am sure you will get very good feedback from the participants - I am keen to hear what they have to say as we would certainly consider having you back and may be able to use the feedback to advertise."


Keren Adler,

Catharsis, Derby

August 2011

First Biker First Aid Course at MFN Notts

Community Courses